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Yesterday's Highs and Lows
Outside Temperature (C)0.7C at 4:02pm -14.4C at 2:09am
With Wind Chill (C)0.7C at 4:02pm -14.4C at 2:09am
Heat Index (C)0.8C at 4:12pm -13.7C at 5:56am
Dew Point (C)-8.6C at 4:36pm -23.4C at 6:36am
Humidity (%)60% at 12:00am 30% at 1:15pm
Barometric Pressure (hPa)1025.04hPa at 12:00am 1008.17hPa at 11:44pm
Wind Speed (kmph)0km/hr at 12:00am 0km/hr at 12:00am
Total Rain (mm)0 mm
This Month's Highs and Lows
Outside Temperature (C)7.6C on 13/2/18 -27.0C on 11/2/18
With Wind Chill (C)7.6C on 13/2/18 -27.0C on 11/2/18
Heat Index (C)7.9C on 13/2/18 -25.6C on 11/2/18
Dew Point (C)-1.7C on 14/2/18 -31.3C on 11/2/18
Humidity (%)97% on 14/2/18 26% on 24/2/18
Barometric Pressure (hPa)1042.48hPa on 8/2/18 997.88hPa on 13/2/18
Wind Speed (kmph)0km/hr on 1/2/18 0km/hr on 1/2/18
Total Rain (mm)1.80 mm
This Year's Highs and Lows
Outside Temperature (C)11.6C on 16/1/18 -33.6C on 1/1/18
With Wind Chill (C)11.6C on 16/1/18 -33.6C on 1/1/18
Heat Index (C)11.3C on 16/1/18 -32.6C on 1/1/18
Dew Point (C)0.2C on 18/1/18 -38.6C on 1/1/18
Humidity (%)97% on 14/1/18 26% on 22/1/18
Barometric Pressure (hPa)1048.77hPa on 1/1/18 995.47hPa on 18/1/18
Wind Speed (kmph)0km/hr on 1/1/18 0km/hr on 1/1/18
Total Rain (mm)6.40 mm

Please note the Didsbury Weather Station was only installed in July so the
yearly Highs and Lows only apply to data collected after July 20, 2005.
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